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What can I purchase with my E-Gift card?

You can use your E-Gift card against any Aesthetic treatment we offer, depending on the amount of the gift card you can use it to make full or make a part payment. Please note that the software will not allow you to purchase another Gift Card using your own Gift card as payment.

Does my E-Gift card expire?

Yes, E-Gift cards are valid for 12months from the date they are purchased, this will be clearly listed on the gift card itself when sent via email. E-Gift cards cannot be used after this time unfortunately, the same applies to paper versions.

What happens if I did not receive an email with my E-Gift Card?

If you have made a purchase and have not received an email, check your junk box as it can sometimes automatically default there. If you still have not received it, please email us and we will look into it for you.

How quickly will I receive my E-Gift card?

As soon as the purchase has been made, you should receive your E-Gift card via email within the next few minutes, the gift card is emailed to you and it can then be forwarded to one recipient whenever you are ready to do so or alternatively there is also an option to print it. If you are after one of our posted boxed gift vouchers then please email us.

Who can use the E-Gift Card?

Once an E-Gift card has been purchased and emailed it will contain a unique code, whoever you choose to forward that email & code to can therefore use it to make payment for their treatment (it is intended to be sent to one person at a time), if you’d like to gift others, then please purchase subsequent gift cards.

Can I use my E-Gift card on the combined package or a treatment on offer?

Yes, E-Gift cards can be redeemed against any of our combined filler packages and also against any treatment that is on offer including our brow treatments.

How do I redeem my E-Gift Card?

You can book a treatment online using the code on the E-Gift card to make part or full payment. If you would like you can also email us if you have any questions on purchasing or redeeming the E-Gift Card.

What to do if I lose my E-Gift Card?

It is unlikely you will completely lose the E-Gift card as it is emailed to you, so please check through your emails. If you are still having problems, please email us and we will forward you a copy of your gift card.


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